Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Memed from A to Z

Several week ago, Alex at Hope and Greyz posted a meme, and tagged all who read it to play along. If you’re interested, consider yourself tagged!! The object is to describe yourself using each letter of the alphabet.

So here is mine:

A- I live in Atlanta

B- I like Blogging

C- I need to Clean out all my Closets

D- Dogs

E- I want to visit Europe -again

F- I love wildFlowers

G- Well duh - Greyhound

H- Honesty

I- Ingenuity

J- Jewelry (not necessarily real - I like the costume stuff too

K- Kanga - My favorite Pooh character

L- Leather - love the smell

M- Music

N- Nashville - went to school there

O- Ocean - I love to visit the beach

P- Pharaoh Hound - gotta love em!!

Q- Question

R- Reason -Wheeler is always asking me the reason why he can't.....

S- Save - I'm always looking for ways to save money

T- Time - never enough - also I love to Travel

U- Umbrella - I never carry one - Maybe I'm too optimistic :-)

V- Violets - Love them!!

W- West - I love visiting the American West

X- xercise - OK I'm stretching - but I need more of it

Y- Yard - I need to landscape

Z- Zan - That's me


IHateToast said...

if you could go anywhere in the u.s. west, where would you go?

Zan said...

Hmmm Toast, that's a tough question and one I really can't answer as there are so many great options. I love the southwest, but still have a lot of places on my list there. I also want to spend more time in the norhtwest and in the mountain states. How's that for not answering the question? We've done about 5 trips west in the last 3 or 4 years and still want to explore more places. Problem is, we really like to travel and want to go just about everywhere, Oz included!! Travel wants are always bigger than our travel budget.