Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights........

I’ve been sidetracked by life lately and haven’t paid enough – OK any – attention to my blog. Alex at Hope and Greyz posted a meme the other day that I have every intention of spreading; I just haven’t gotten to it. I’ve also had several good blogging opportunities present themselves and I’ve let them pass me by. For example, how could I miss writing about snow in Georgia. I mean, it never does that here. I even got a couple of decent shots of the pups enjoying the frosty air.

"What the Heck is that???"

"It's kind of fun out here!!"

The aftermath!!

There are several reasons for my failure. First of all. I’ve been Facebooked. I joined Facebook not too long ago as I felt like I should keep up with Wheeler’s cyber life to be sure he’s safe and not divulging sensitive info. Turns out he’s no idiot in that department and has done, at least so far, an excellent job. He doesn’t have anyone on his friends list that he doesn’t know in real life, and he hasn’t revealed any info that shouldn’t be out there for all to see. I, however, have found that Mr. Facebook can suck up way more time than this blog. I have managed to find a few old friends that I feared I’d permanently misplaced – and that’s a good thing. But I’ve also found that it is a phenomenal time waster – it will take every minute that you allow it. I herby pledge to be more careful in the future as I enjoy this blog too much to let it fall by the wayside. It lets me free form rant at will. What could be better???

Secondly, I had my eyes checked the other day and got a new prescription. I also got new contacts that are supposed to be great. Correct my astigmatism and let more air through. Much more comfortable - yeah rah hooray!! NOT!! The pair I’m wearing was great for about four days. Problem is now they get all dried out by noon and I can’t see thru them. I feel like I’m looking though a sheet of plastic or something. Gotta go back to the eye doctor. Can’t write if you can’t see. I know, I know, pull out the glasses you say. Well I would if they weren’t really, really old. The script is so old I’m not sure I’d be any better off, and the frames are refugees from a decade or more ago. Everyone would laugh at me, trust me they would.

Thirdly, I’ve just been lazy. Bad, bad, bad……..

I’ll do better….I promise!!


alex said...

I look forward to reading your Meme. I have done the EXACT same thing- joined MySpace to keep tabs on Alaina. Unfortunately, she has recently moved on to Facebook, which I have not joined yet- Eric (20),Amy, his steady girlfriend of 3 years, and my hubby all have Facebook "pages"
(is that the correct term?); But I know none of them are really policing her (I guess it is a "mother" thing).

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I'm sure glad Greyhounds can't joing Facebook. I bet that is time consuming to be having to check up on your kids these days... I thought technology was suppose to save us time, but it really doesn't does it? I vow to stick to blogging and email!


BrittBeah said...

Did you know you can put your blog on Facebook? ;)
It isn't as nice as blogger but it does upload all your pics and text. You have to put it in the notes section of Facebook. Welcome for Facebook, it is awesome!

Zan said...

Alex - I'm still working on the Facebook lingo - but I think you're right, it's a page. Kind of reminds me of the freshman "pig book" from the dark ages when I was in school. Had to make sure your picture was a good one or you'd never get a date during your entire college career - or so we thought :-0!

But Jen - can't you set up dogster pages for your hounds?

Britt- I think I will put my blog my notes section. I was playing around with it the other day but couldn't make the videos show up. I did put a link in my info.

pet care tv said...

Those pictures are adorable. Especially the one sleeping. I can't believe it snowed in Georgia.
Speaking of facebook, you should really join this pet community if you're going to join a community.