Thursday, July 31, 2008

Two Much!!!

racing name Golddust Sugar
3/21/98 - 7/30/08

Two good-byes in one day are really too much for me, but sometimes too much is what you get. I’m sad to record the passing of our other Greyhound, Sugar. As has been reported here, she's battled neck pain for years and I’ve been struggling with whether or not it was time for her to go for several days. Yesterday afternoon, I decided that Speedy was trying to tell me something. He went ahead to help her, her friend and comforter to the end. The two of them have been together for years and were truly devoted to one another. She was in a great deal of pain that no amount of drugs could seem to control. Keeping her here with me was clearly very selfish. We decided to let her go.

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Sugar was my second greyhound. She came to us as a foster – just for one night - until the family that was supposed to become her forever home could pick her up. That was in the old days when SEGA didn’t have a kennel. She was a bounce returned for some reason I can’t remember now. Well, she never left our house. Her intended family got cold feet about her and she became a member of our family. Their loss was our gain. Sugar is one of the nicest dogs I’ve ever met. She was a bit on the shy side, but loved kids. She would seek out a child in a crowd and nuzzle their hand until the petted her. She loved being petted more than food and relished snuggling up with her stuffies. I'm going to miss her more than anyone can imagine.

I love you Sugar Lump!! Run fast, free from pain.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sometimes Things Just Come out of Left Field.

Racing Name Santas Clipper
8/18/97 - 7/30/08

I’ve spent the last month, and in some ways the lat several years, worrying about Sugar. She’s been the one with all the health problems.

I’m sad to record the passing of my precious Speedy just 19 days short of his 11th birthday. He had a catastrophic cardiac event in the middle of the night last night. A trip to the emergency vet was to no avail, and Rob and I let him go. He was apparently ready. He was diagnosed with a heart murmur a couple of years ago, but has gotten along quite nicely with drugs to manage his condition. His heart issue never really slowed him down. He loved his walks, playing with Rosie and Sugar (especially tug of war with Rosie), being strong for Sugar, and mostly being my shadow. He was the quintessential momma’s boy, the only remaining vestige of the separation anxiety he suffered from in the first year or so he lived with us. He was my first dog as an adult and my heart.

Yesterday was a normal day for him in all respects. He felt good, ate well, and mostly just hung out with me. I guess he wasn't the sort for lingering. Maybe he wants to be there to help Sugar when it's her turn. I'll never forget you my Speedy Boo! You taught me so much and gave me much more than you got in return over the years. I still remember the first day we got you. You've been my friend and my rock and I already miss you terribly.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is it Time???

If it's not time now, it will be soon unless Sugar's pain improves.

Pain is a terrible thing…especially when no one knows its source. Sugar continues to fight neck pain and I’m about to give up on its resolving itself as it has in the past. We added yet another drug to her pain med arsenal last week, but it hasn’t helped much. She had a very bad night last night, and I’m wondering if it’s time. I don’t want to give up on her too soon, but I don’t want her to suffer unnecessarily. It would be easier if I knew why she hurts, but I don't. It would be easier if I knew whether and how soon she might feel better, but I don't.

The last month has been a rough for her and for us. Some days she seems better - not great mind you - but better. Those days give me hope that she is beginning to improve. Then there are the bad days, we're having one of those today, when I wonder if there is really any hope of true improvement. Am I just being selfish - wanting to keep her with me?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Surprise!!!.....Go, dog. Go!!!

Wheeler and I went on a mini trip last week. I call it that because Rob wasn't with us. We went to the beach for a week. We had a good time, but it would have been better if Rob had been there.

I learned an important lesson on the trip though. Forty something moms should not ride a banana boat with teen age boys. One afternoon, Wheeler and I decided to pony up a little money and take such a ride. On the banana were Wheeler and I as well as two boys about Wheeler's age. Now just think about the dynamics of this for a minute. The object of the game as far as the boys were concerned was to fall off as many times as possible. Forty something moms want to stay on said banana to avoid the embarrassment of having the others watch her struggle back on. Somehow, teen age boys can simply hop back on.... a little harder for mom. Also, they took great delight in helping mom fall off...all in good fun of course...:-)!! Sorry, no pics of me hoisting myself onto the banana!!

After my banana adventure, Rob forwarded me an email with this picture of Rosie attached. A friend, who is a graphics artist, worked his magic on a picture taken of Rosie when she got one of the legs of her JC last spring. He's really very talented and I'll treasure it. Thanks Kirby!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Behind Bars Again.....

Sugar is back in jail. That is to say, back in her ex-pen on crate rest. Her struggle with neck pain continues in spite of a very aggressive drug campaign. I'm considering trying acupuncture again. It did help before, but unfortunately the effects only lasted a few days and it took a couple of treatments a week to keep her comfortable. She hates going to the vet so much that I was never really sure the reward was worth the stress going for acupuncture put her through...not to mention the cost. If I was convinced it would help, the cost wouldn't matter. I'm just not sure it really helps on balance. Whatever this is, seems to be aggravated by stress. The ex-pen really just helps her to feel protected. When just resting on her bed, she jumps and cries out when someone walks past her bed. They don't even need to pass particularly close to her, just in the vicinity. I guess she's afraid someone will run into her and hurt her already sore neck. The ex-pen convinces her that she's protected. She feels safe, and can rest better. We still let her come upstairs to bed at night.

Wheeler and I are going to the beach next week, but Rob is going to stay home and dog sit. If she's still this painful when we get back, it will be time to make some hard decisions. Problem is, this neck pain has disappeared in the past as mysteriously as it appeared. How long do I give it to get better before I give up? I really don't want to let her suffer unnecessarily, but I don't want to give up on her too soon!! The good news is , she's eating better (not great mind you) and she seems more relaxed. But then she's still taking enough pain meds to stop a train.